Routine Property Inspections

Inspections needed by a property manager – OR – 3 rd party for a property owner:

Having worked with small and large building management firms, KPS is well positioned to help firms conduct property inspections. Sometimes owners like to have their properties inspected by a third party, that is no problem. We customize the inspection and conduct our personnel appropriately to obtain the desired results.

Alternatively, some management firms find that having a 2 nd set of eyes conduct the monthly or quarterly inspections that help identify existing or potential maintenance issues, burnt out lighting, graffiti, parking lot damage, irrigation leaks, problem tenants or other such violations or hazards, can be an invaluable tool in keeping their properties well maintained.

KPS personnel can even wear your firm’s maintenance shirt or sport identifiers on their vehicle to help with comfort for your tenant’s.

KPS eliminates the burden for it’s clients’ & owners. Simple. Honest. Efficient.